Microbial enumeration & detection – personal care & household products

All test methods are based on standard methods that are included in our scope of accreditation under the Campden Laboratory Accreditation Scheme and include:

Total Viable Count (aerobic bacteria, yeasts and moulds)

For confirming that raw materials, intermediates and finished products are of satisfactory microbiological quality and fall within specified limits. Donnington Laboratories are happy to use any standard or client specified method if so instructed. Otherwise, we apply our standard in-house method that complies with BS ISO 21148:2005, BS ISO 21149:2006 and BS ISO 16212:2011.

In the event of recovery, basic characterisation tests are performed at no additional charge.
Samples falling outside specified limits or giving unexpected results will be retested free of charge.

Validation of plating methodology

For demonstrating that methods for microbial enumeration are fit for purpose. Unless otherwise instructed, we employ the procedure described in the current edition of the European Pharmacopoeia.

Absence of specified micro-organisms

For confirming the absence of specific micro-organisms in raw materials, intermediates and finished products. Performed by enrichment followed by plating onto appropriate selective agars.


Includes confirmatory testing, where appropriate, at no additional charge.

Bacterial identification

DLL is able to offer identification of the most commonly isolated bacterial and fungal contaminants.


Test Turnaround (days) Min sample requirement Price/sample*
Total Viable Count 3 (bacteria)
5 (yeast/mould)
25 – 30g/ml £7.00
Total Viable Count (client specified methods) PoA
Dilution-neutralisation validation (EP 2.6.12) 3 (bacteria)
5 (yeast/mould)
25g/ml £75
Absence Gram negative bacteria 4 20g/ml* £4.50
Absence Pseudomonas 4 20g/ml* £5.50
Absence enterobacteriaceae 3 20g/ml* £5.50
Absence coliforms/E coli 3 20g/ml* £5.50
Absence S aureus 4 20g/ml* £5.50
Absence C albicans 4 20g/ml* £5.50
Absence presumptive lactobacilli 4 20g/ml* £8.00
Absence anaerobic bacteria 4 20g/ml* £8.00
Mesophilic bacterial spores 4 20g/ml* £8.00
Bacterial identification 10-15 From £25/isolate
* Based on charges for a single sample submission. Significant discounts are available for volume.

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Note: In most cases, sample quantities specified for TVC should be sufficient to include testing for the absence of specific micro-organisms.

To avoid delays please ensure that:

  • Samples are submitted in securely sealed sterile containers
  • Samples are sufficiently packaged to avoid damage in transit

All prices exclude VAT