Microbiological Consultancy & Technical problem solving

To be competitive in today’s market it is imperative to have access to the best technical expertise - whenever you need it.

As a result of our knowledge and experience in production environments, Donnington Laboratories have a proven track record in helping clients to reduce microbiological risks and to resolve any problems that may still arise.

Our microbiological consultancy services include:

GMP and basic microbiological training

Training in GMP and basic microbiology makes an important contribution towards improving microbial quality and reducing the risk of contamination problems. DLL can provide on-site training services to supplement your existing staff training programmes.

GMP and factory hygiene surveys

DLL can provide independent on-site plant hygiene and GMP assessments to identify areas warranting improvement and to confirm that existing practices and procedures are performing satisfactorily. Our final reports detail areas of compliance and non-compliance together with potential improvement points and recommended actions. Certificates of GMP compliance, required in some markets, can be provided.

Microbiological trouble shooting

Even in the best run circles, microbiological problems can unexpectedly arise. Our extensive experience of investigating microbiological problems in the factory environment can be invaluable in achieving fast and effective resolution.

Cleaning and sanitisation procedure validation

Initial and periodic re-validation of plant cleaning and sanitisation procedures is essential to ensure the on-going effectiveness of these key procedures. If necessary, DLL can assist both with advice and practical support.

Where the profitability of your business could depend on finding the right solution, make sure your first choice is the most effective one.